Afternoon sound scheme for Windows

Afternoon sound scheme

Afternoon sound scheme for Windows is a set of sounds which was shipped by default with Windows 7. It contains soft sounds performed with string instruments.
The Afternoon sound scheme contains 20 sound files:

  • Windows Balloon.wav
  • Windows Battery Critical.wav
  • Windows Battery Low.wav
  • Windows Critical Stop.wav
  • Windows Default.wav
  • Windows Ding.wav
  • Windows Error.wav
  • Windows Exclamation.wav
  • Windows Feed Discovered.wav
  • Windows Hardware Fail.wav
  • Windows Hardware Insert.wav
  • Windows Hardware Remove.wav
  • Windows Information Bar.wav
  • Windows Logoff Sound.wav
  • Windows Logon Sound.wav
  • Windows Navigation Start.wav
  • Windows Notify.wav
  • Windows Pop-up Blocked.wav
  • Windows Print complete.wav
  • Windows User Account Control.wav

Size: 488Kb
Format: zip archive.
To install these sounds easily, extract all files into your C:\Windows\Media directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.