Beaches sound scheme for Windows

Beaches sound scheme
Beaches sound scheme for Windows contains sounds of the surf, the cries of seagulls, the whistle of a steamboat, the breeze, splashes of water and other similar sounds related to the beach environment. One of the best sound schemes ever.
The Beaches sound scheme contains 19 sound files:

  • s_asterisk-error_seagull4.wav
  • s_balloon_waterdrop2.wav
  • s_batterycritical_seagull11.wav
  • s_batterylow_seagull5.wav
  • s_changetheme_lapping_water_seagulls.wav
  • s_criticalstop_foghorn6.wav
  • s_devicefail_splash1.wav
  • s_deviceinsert_canoe_paddle6.wav
  • s_deviceremove_canoe_paddle3.wav
  • s_ding_seagull3.wav
  • s_discoverfeed_splashkerplunk1.wav
  • s_exclamation_seagull1.wav
  • s_logoff_marina_ambience1.wav
  • s_logon_coastal_ambience1.wav
  • s_notify_splash9.wav
  • s_printcomplete_splash3.wav
  • s_recycle_splashdive4.wav
  • s_shutdown_coastal_ambience3.wav
  • s_uac-pub_waterdrop4.wav

Size: 6.4 Mb.
Format: zip archive.
To install Beaches sounds easily, extract all files into your C:\Windows\Media directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.
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