Gears of War windows sound scheme

Gears of War sounds

Gears of War sound scheme is a set of sounds from the famous game “Gears of War”. These sounds are adapted to be used as a Windows sound scheme.
The Gears of War sound scheme contains 25 sound files:

  • asterisk.wav
  • block popup window.wav
  • critical battery alarm.wav
  • critical stop.wav
  • default beep.wav
  • device connect.wav
  • device disconnect.wav
  • device failed to connect.wav
  • disambiguation numbers.wav
  • disambiguation panel.wav
  • empty recycle bin.wav
  • exclamation.wav
  • exit windows.wav
  • low battery alarm.wav
  • misrecognition.wav
  • new mail notification.wav
  • speech off.wav
  • speech on.wav
  • start navigation.wav
  • system notification.wav
  • windows change theme.wav
  • windows logoff.wav
  • windows logon.wav

Size: 4.1 Mb.
Format: zip archive.

To install the Gears of War sound scheme easily, extract all files into your C:\Windows\Media directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.
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