Tinker sounds for Windows

sound scheme

Tinker sound scheme is the amazing set of sounds which was initially created for Windows Vista. The sounds of this theme are crisp and clean. The Tinker sound scheme is one of the best sound sets created for Windows. It can be applied to any version of Windows and contains 32 files.

The following sounds are included in the Tinker sound scheme:

  • ringin.wav
  • Speech Disambiguation.wav
  • Speech Misrecognition.wav
  • Speech Off.wav
  • Speech On.wav
  • Speech Sleep.wav
  • start.wav
  • Windows Balloon.wav
  • Windows Battery Critical.wav
  • Windows Battery Low.wav
  • Windows Critical Stop.wav
  • Windows Default.wav
  • Windows Ding.wav
  • Windows Error.wav
  • Windows Exclamation.wav
  • Windows Feed Discovered.wav
  • Windows Hardware Fail.wav
  • Windows Hardware Insert.wav
  • Windows Hardware Remove.wav
  • Windows Information Bar.wav
  • Windows Logoff Sound.wav
  • Windows Logon Sound.wav
  • Windows Menu Command.wav
  • Windows Minimize.wav
  • Windows Navigation Start.wav
  • Windows Notify.wav
  • Windows Pop-up Blocked.wav
  • Windows Print Complete.wav
  • Windows Recycle.wav
  • Windows Restore.wav
  • Windows Shutdown.wav
  • Windows User Account Control.wav

Size: 4.5 Mb.
Format: zip archive.

To install this sound scheme easily, extract all files into your C:\Windows\Media directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.

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