Chickens can’t fly sound scheme for Windows


Chickens can't fly sound scheme for Windows contains sounds from the popular game for Windows Phone and XBox. These amazing sounds are really cool. Redecorate your sound events with this free sound scheme which includes 15 sounds.

The following files are included in this sound scheme:

  • ccf asterisk.wav
  • ccf balloon.wav
  • ccf battery critical.wav
  • ccf battery low.wav
  • ccf critical stop.wav
  • ccf default beep.wav
  • ccf device connect.wav
  • ccf device disconnect.wav
  • ccf empty recycle.wav
  • ccf exclamation.wav
  • ccf exit windows.wav
  • ccf logon.wav
  • ccf new mail.wav
  • ccf print complete.wav
  • ccf uac.wav

Size: 4.3 Mb

Format: zip archive.

To install this sound scheme easily, extract all files into your C:\Windows\Media directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.

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